Beauty Inventory | Day 4 – Chemical Exfoliants and Acid Toners

From last year’s 3, I’m down to 2 chemical exfoliators. The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution I only use this on the areas of my face that are prone to blackheads (i.e., my nose). It’s gel-type, and feels and dries like raw egg whites. I wish The Ordinary products have a more elegant texture. I guess they have to sacrifice something to keep their prices low. It took me a while to finish this because I prefer Alba Botanica AcneDote Lotion that also has 2% Salicylic Acid but comes in a cream-type moisturizing base. Anyway, I recently started using this…

Beauty Inventory | Day 3 – Cleansing Tools

Within the past year, I quit buying makeup wipes and I let go of my cleansing brush. I also recently stopped using micellar water which reduced my cotton pad consumption. Now I’m left with a green exfoliating cloth and a microfiber mitt. I use the green cloth to exfoliate my body. It can be found on shopee as “Italy Towel” and is also known as Korean Exfoliating Mitt. It feels almost like sandpaper so I avoid being rigorous with it. It gives a very satisfying physical exfoliation that I haven’t had the urge to buy body scrub since getting it….

Makeup Remover Inventory 2019

Beauty Inventory | Day 1 – Makeup Removers

I will spend every day of June taking an inventory of the beauty products I own by category. Exciting! I did this on Instagram last year, but I thought of also blogging about it this time to get me back into writing. Let’s kick this off with makeup removers. I have 3 — 1 bi-phase makeup remover and 2 emulsifying cleansing balms. I had these since last year. I didn’t realize how long it takes me to use up cleansing balms! I am sure it’s because I have several makeup removers open simultaneously, I don’t wear a lot of makeup,…