Laneige Oil-free Sunblock SPF35

Sun Protection Week Day 5 – Road Testing Laneige Sun Block Oil-free SPF35 PA++

I’m loving the cold weather but I had to set aside my watery sunscreens to keep my skin from drying out. Since I don’t like layering lotions and potions on my face, I started using alcohol-free cream-type sunscreens to serve as moisturizer-and-sunblock in one. I sifted through the samples in my stash and saw this: I used this for 2 consecutive days and applied it as I would any other moisturizer. On the 2nd day, I was glad I remembered that I was doing the quarter-teaspoon experiment. What was left was half of a quarter teaspoon. Sorry! Here are photos of…

Biore UV Perfect Face Milk

Sun Protection Week: Day 4 – A Quarter Teaspoon of Biore UV Perfect Face Milk On Human Face

The next few days of sun protection week will be of me slathering a quarter teaspoon of sunblock on my face. In Day 1, I mentioned that 2 milligrams of sunblock per cm² of skin is needed to get the SPF rating as written on the label. I don’t own a weighing scale sensitive enough to measure milligrams so I’ll be using the measuring spoon approximation. A fellow sunscreen addict told me that it’s possible to apply that much with Biore UV Perfect Face Milk (and still manage to look decent.) I freaked out when I poured the sunblock on…

Nature's Gate Aqua Block SPF 50 Review

Sun Protection Week: Day 3 – My Sun Protection Strategy for Outdoor Activities

I love the sea. I love swimming and water activities. I used to love getting really dark and almost sun burnt until I found out that it’s not healthy. So I learned to accept my medium yellow-olive-toned skin that’s neither pale nor tan. I take sun care more seriously when I’m spending the day directly under the sun. I buy the really heavy diaper cream-like zinc oxide sunblocks — the type that’s almost like white body paint. I’ve accepted that when it comes to sun care, I CAN’T have it all. I’ll always have to choose between 2 things: 1….

Laneige Oil-free Sunblock Teaspoon

Sun Protection Week: Day 2 – My Sun Protection Strategy (Given that I Don’t Want To Put 1/4 Teaspoon of Sunblock on My Face & I Don’t Want to Re-apply)

Before anything else, let me be clear, I’m only talking about sun protection on an everyday regimen here. When I go to the beach, I don’t scrimp on quantity and frequency of application. I want to justify my ‘disobedience’ by saying that my morning commute is a mere 10 to 15 minutes, I stay indoors all day, and I go home after sunset. I am aware that fluorescent light has UV rays but it’s not like I will get sunburn by getting artificial light exposure. One-third teaspoon of sunblock is something I just can’t commit to right now. Note: On…

Laneige Oil-free Sunblock Teaspoon

Sun Protection Week: Day 1 – I Don’t Think I Need To Use A Separate Sunscreen

Welcome to Sun Protection Week. I’m using “week” very loosely here because I probably won’t be able to sustain seven consecutive days of writing. To be honest, I am very confused by whether I need to use a separate sunscreen when my moisturizer or foundation already has SPF. This should’ve been a no brainer. Most of the dermatologist-written articles I’ve read seem consistent in saying that I need to put on sunscreen in addition to any other face base that already has sun protection. But seriously, if you’re as oily as I am, doing the sunscreen + face base combo…

Nature's Gate Aqua Block SPF 50 Review

Nature’s Gate Aqua Block SPF 50 Review

If you love water sports and swimming under the sun, this is the sunblock for you. I discovered Nature’s Gate Aqua Block during my chemical phobia days. I grabbed it as soon as I saw it at Healthy Options because it says Very Water Resistant on the package. I was going to Boracay at the time and I knew we were going to do a lot of water activities. That was mid-2009. Fast forward to 2012 and this remains to be my favorite sunblock for water + sun activities. I made a mistake of using sunblock-that-must-not-be-named last year and I…