Morning Skincare Routine – Mid-2017

Save for when I don’t sleep or when I have my period, my skin has been behaving really well. I’ve been trying out different brands and products over the past several years, but I generally stick to the same active ingredients –vitamin c (or its derivatives), retinoids, niacinamide, and spf (zinc oxide and titanium dioxide). Since February, though, I have been sticking to the same products and I noticed I’m no way near getting bored of them. My skin is far from perfect but I think it moved past a plateau, thanks to the new products I switched to. I’m…

Laneige Oil-free Sunblock SPF35

Sun Protection Week Day 5 – Road Testing Laneige Sun Block Oil-free SPF35 PA++

I’m loving the cold weather but I had to set aside my watery sunscreens to keep my skin from drying out. Since I don’t like layering lotions and potions on my face, I started using alcohol-free cream-type sunscreens to serve as moisturizer-and-sunblock in one. I sifted through the samples in my stash and saw this: I used this for 2 consecutive days and applied it as I would any other moisturizer. On the 2nd day, I was glad I remembered that I was doing the quarter-teaspoon experiment. What was left was half of a quarter teaspoon. Sorry! Here are photos of…

Biore UV Perfect Face Milk

Sun Protection Week: Day 4 – A Quarter Teaspoon of Biore UV Perfect Face Milk On Human Face

The next few days of sun protection week will be of me slathering a quarter teaspoon of sunblock on my face. In Day 1, I mentioned that 2 milligrams of sunblock per cm² of skin is needed to get the SPF rating as written on the label. I don’t own a weighing scale sensitive enough to measure milligrams so I’ll be using the measuring spoon approximation. A fellow sunscreen addict told me that it’s possible to apply that much with Biore UV Perfect Face Milk (and still manage to look decent.) I freaked out when I poured the sunblock on…

Nature's Gate Aqua Block SPF 50 Review

Sun Protection Week: Day 3 – My Sun Protection Strategy for Outdoor Activities

I love the sea. I love swimming and water activities. I used to love getting really dark and almost sun burnt until I found out that it’s not healthy. So I learned to accept my medium yellow-olive-toned skin that’s neither pale nor tan. I take sun care more seriously when I’m spending the day directly under the sun. I buy the really heavy diaper cream-like zinc oxide sunblocks — the type that’s almost like white body paint. I’ve accepted that when it comes to sun care, I CAN’T have it all. I’ll always have to choose between 2 things: 1….

Laneige Oil-free Sunblock Teaspoon

Sun Protection Week: Day 2 – My Sun Protection Strategy (Given that I Don’t Want To Put 1/4 Teaspoon of Sunblock on My Face & I Don’t Want to Re-apply)

Before anything else, let me be clear, I’m only talking about sun protection on an everyday regimen here. When I go to the beach, I don’t scrimp on quantity and frequency of application. I want to justify my ‘disobedience’ by saying that my morning commute is a mere 10 to 15 minutes, I stay indoors all day, and I go home after sunset. I am aware that fluorescent light has UV rays but it’s not like I will get sunburn by getting artificial light exposure. One-third teaspoon of sunblock is something I just can’t commit to right now. Note: On…

Laneige Oil-free Sunblock Teaspoon

Sun Protection Week: Day 1 – I Don’t Think I Need To Use A Separate Sunscreen

Welcome to Sun Protection Week. I’m using “week” very loosely here because I probably won’t be able to sustain seven consecutive days of writing. To be honest, I am very confused by whether I need to use a separate sunscreen when my moisturizer or foundation already has SPF. This should’ve been a no brainer. Most of the dermatologist-written articles I’ve read seem consistent in saying that I need to put on sunscreen in addition to any other face base that already has sun protection. But seriously, if you’re as oily as I am, doing the sunscreen + face base combo…